The Seshen

by The Seshen

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released February 28, 2012

The Seshen is: Akasha Orr, Aki Ehara, Chris Thalmann, Kumar Butler, Lalin St. Juste, Mahesh Rao, and Mirza Kopelman

All songs recorded, produced, and mixed by Aki Ehara and The Seshen at Sleepy Wizard Studios

All songs composed by Aki Ehara with exceptions as noted in track credits

Mastered at Elysian Masters by Dave Cooley

All songs published by Stop Snitchin’ Publishing/BMI

Art & Design by Emalyn Lopez



all rights reserved


The Seshen

The Seshen is a San Francisco Bay Area-based seven-piece led by singer/lyricist Lalin St. Juste and bassist/producer Akiyoshi Ehara. Their forward-thinking sound combines synthesizers, drum machines, live percussion, and entrancing harmonies to create an unmistakable fusion of R&B, synth-pop, and electronic music. ... more


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Track Name: From Light
born from light we rose
and danced on a tightrope
oh it never gets old
we never forget what we know
we are the old dreams at the bottom of the sea
rising to the surface
with our memories

form and shapeless
i drift from one thing to the next
i go resting in between the unseen and the unknown

we expand like mysteries unsolved
picking up what seems untouchable
gathering speed beyond the seen
a lucid dream yet to be
on and on we come and go
flames flickering taught to know
time is moving us along
on and on and on and on and on
we come and go
Track Name: Pieces
sometimes we be fallin’ from the sky
you’d be surprised
just how fast we turn
light on our feet
digging holes
searching for gold
finding lies
open eyes
to see
the invisible
too slippery to hold
too frenetic
too bold
pieces of a whole
don’t you know

these bodies get tired of movin' like machinery
rustin’ over, weavin’ in and out of dreamscapes
we escape
into wandering
hollow bones drawing mass we forget
we are not our limits
we are ageless
energy unfolding

free fallin' towards the light
don’t be so tied to time
Track Name: Upside Down
i been upside down
on a couple of things
in my head
they been rolling around
how do i get over this feeling
so stuck
my feet won't move like i want them to
and i just sink further into you
how do i get over this feeling
i'm so stuck

circles become familiar
feels easy
a bit simpler
to let gravity take me, sway me
turn me inside out and in again
no beginning or end
no telling when
we gonna stop pretending
gonna stop this foolishness

like sinking into quicksand
i’m forgetting my footing
don’t know what i did before
Track Name: Broken Lines
tracing the broken lines
i echo back in between
digits and digits undone
time’s a widow who weeps
and for her i breathe
cut me down
cut me up like loose leaf
hang my property out to dry
sinew settling like confetti
and here i am falling

like grace
gather me in stones
to skim the divide

unshakeable my faith
untameable my rage
‘cause collared and chained
a lion is still a lion even when covered and caged

muddy and muddled inside
i know my role, i’ve walked these roads before
running on empty until
i hit the wall, slide onto the floor

cut me down
cut me up i need this
hang my head in my hands and cry
shattered pieces of me go missing
i’m so dizzy from falling

in the underworld
just to feel the contrast when i rise
Track Name: Static
static on the line
it’s a distance well defined
as drops of time
at our feet
but i don’t want all this space in between us
i don’t want to lose you
lose love

hurry hurry here we go now
here we go now
faster faster moving apart
there’s no time to slow down

all these games we play
keep getting us caught up
wound so tightly in our nets
till we totally forget
we bear down into spaces much too close hold us
just to have a place to call our own
but i know i could be your home
i am building a castle in your comfort zone

we touch down to break ground
we are
we are ready now
Track Name: Time War
in a time war
by the fields where we soar
like outlaws
who flee from the world

in the backdrop
broken clocks and everything we know
fallin’ down around us
gilded in gold

where do we wander
when the sun disappears
will we remember
we were once here

where do we wander
Track Name: Night Sky
on the merry go
merry go
chasing silhouettes and sound

fleeting flickering lights
bright against the night sky
feel it running up my spine

away we go
with our backs to the shore
we’re looking for more

dressed and undressed
slow light form
rippling tides
oh, oh, oh
we drift drop into higher states
let shadows sound our escape
i love the hide and the seek
head start in the chase
Track Name: Oblivion
there will come a day
when the lullabies in your landslide
will begin to give way
to a darker place

will you stay or will you go
will you stay or will you go
into oblivion
into oblivion

walls up and you take up arms
to fight against us
as the days go on

walls up and they won’t come down
the higher you get
the harder you hit the ground

didn’t you see me standin’ there
watchin’ you go by
Track Name: Left
into the night we went
holding on
to what’s left
but will we forget
will we forget

into the night we went
Track Name: Otherside
never meant to disappear
these shadows grow weary over the years
feels like a disease that took over me
i’m tryin’ to break free

so i’m runnin' over
runnin' over
to the other side
runnin' over
runnin' over
to the other side
of this
trying to get over
over this
trying to get over

broken back and crooked from the carrying
bent into my wings
i'm no longer balancing
my head been heavy not knowing
for every ghost there’s a returning

been here the whole time
out of sight
you will find me
in the night
Track Name: Canvas
colors painted across my landscape
because you know
i can be your canvas
the whispers
from your lips
soft like
ocean mist

and i hear a roaring thunder

all the crazy little worlds we’re made of
isn’t quite enough
it never was
but your touch
defines my love
sing me
i'm your melody